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#Bbnaija: Big Brother May Likely Disqualify Cee-C

Just some few days back, housemates in the Big Brother Naija reality TV show 2018 were paired with new partners and Cee-C was paired with Lolu, but it is very much likely she will be getting disqualified if Big Brother decides to penalise her for what she did to her new partner.

While other housemates in the big brother are getting along and bonding, it all seems like Cee-C and Lolu are not in any way connecting with each other.

Cee-C who is known to be in control of Tobi since they got into the house, doesn’t seem to be getting same control over Lolu.

Earlier today, Cee-c unhooked her “bond” from Lolu, after Lolu refused to stand..She actually made an attempt for either the kitchen or the bathroom and asked Lolu to stand and go with her, but he refused and even made it clear to her saying “You cannot control me”.

Cee-C unhooked the bond, and then went away to get whatever she was after and then later came back to fix the hook.

Some few moments later, Cee-C tried to get a seat and in the process, attempted to force Lolu to her destination, but the guy still stood his ground and refused to move. She was then captured drawing the guy to herself forcibly and it was in that process that hook snapped and hit Lolu so hard.

Lolu was then seen walking out of the scene, apparently angered as it looked as if the hook hit him so hard around his balls.

Cee-C’s actions may call for a serious sanction as it is part of the bonding rules never to get yourself unbound from your partner, except in serious cases. And also for the fact that she forcibly got the hook unbound, we don’t know if Big Brother will be taking any disciplinary action against her.

Tobi on the other hand was paired by Big Brother to Bambam and they seem to be getting along. He even revealed to her yesterday that he was a retired member of the Yoruba Demons Association.


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