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Guy who nabbed Mayorkun’s #30bn Gang neck chain returns it to the singer

Mayorkun’s neck chain which was reported missing a couple of days back has now been discovered, as a certain guy who’s been with it for some days now decided to take it back after Mayorkun made a couple of calls to search it out.

It is not exactly clear what sort of calls Mayorkun made or if the said guy is the same guy who robbed him of the chain. It is possible the chain was discovered by this guy and he decided to return it. Such details are yet to be gathered. But what’s sure is that the chain, which is one of Mayorkun’s most expensive belongings, was lost but has now been found.

We had mentioned that rapper Young6ix had a similar experience but wasn’t as lucky as Mayorkun, or perhaps, didn’t know the right calls to place. But Mayorkun, however he did it, was sure to ensure that his highly valued #30bn gang chain does not just get whisked away like it’s worth nothing as some fans would like to say about Young6ix’s chains.

On Instagram, the “Mama” crooner wrote; “Made a couple calls & got my juice back!! Thanks, Brooo @davidoofficial #30 Billion Gang for Life.”

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