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Vfox Global Acquires Tedroxx®, a Fashion Brand .

Vfox Global has acquired 60% equity shares in Tedroxx®, a fashion startup. With this acquisition, Vfox® intend to further strengthen, growth, sales and market position in the fashion industry. This is imperative been a subsidiary of the brand, in scaling up production and increasing supply of custom made, ready-to-wear and accessories in the value chain; Tedroxx® will be repositioned as a pioneer in the fashion industry, promoting most importantly made in Nigeria products for Africa. 

Commenting on the successful investment, McKelvin Jude Oseh CEO/Brand Architect Vfox Global reiterated the role of increasing quality wearable commercial and affordable fashion outfits within the continent “the brand Tedroxx® has come to stay and will be contributing immensely to the fashion industry, we are excited about this and can’t wait to share with the world what we have in stock; all made in Nigeria” he said.

The 28year old CEO, reiterated “the time has come for the brand Vfox to scale up to her original mission, cutting across six (6) industries, we have so far stabilized in 2 industries, at an entry point activating another 2 and 2 more industries to go.

Africa has great potentials to accommodate new innovations, as its imperative for the economic growth and development of the continent, we are keen to go all the way in empowering as many young Africans across the value chain of any industry we find our self, creating jobs and adding value to humanity.

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