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How Sex For Marks- Has Become A Trend In Nigeria’s Tertiary Institution

Ultimately, there has been an increase in the exploitation of vulnerable female students by randy lecturers, in exchange for grades. The act is a total act of debauchery; because some lecturers fail female students on purpose in order to take advantage of such situation. The lecturers supposedly meant to be mentors to the students have turned out to be molesters. The recent case of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) lecturer has made it essential to delve into the issue. The several cases of s3x for marks have not only had negative effects on those directly involved but also on the institution where such acts occurred.

Moreover, the disconcerting, but brutal truth is that female undergraduates suffer gross sexual abuse in virtually all our tertiary institutions. Lecturers pick out female students and deliberately fail them. To pass their examinations, many of the female undergraduates are forced to either provide sexual favours to their teachers or pay them cash. After graduating, some of these ladies are traumatised and scarred for life. The racket should be smashed to save female students from lecherous teachers.

However, this misconduct is not limited to the recent case reported in OAU. Last October, a married lecturer at the Cross River State College of Technology, Ogoja, was seen in a video that went viral soliciting sex from a female student assigned to him for her project. He was arrested by law enforcement agents. Another was caught in his underpants with an Auchi Polytechnic student. The lecturer claimed that it was a set-up. In 2005, the Lagos State University, Ojo, sacked a lecturer, who was also caught in his underpants in a Lagos hotel room in the process of having sex with a 200-level undergraduate.

Some of the students have had to suffer for long in silence, because they have no evidence to nail the lecturers. A bill to make provision for the prohibition and punishment of involved lecturers was passed into law in 2016, but hasn’t stopped the reoccurrence of the act. However, the OAU incident has shown the relevance of the social media. This will assist victims of s3x for marks to expose the atrocities of lecturers who are neck deep in the acts.

Earlier in the year, a former lecturer at the same institution, Dr. Francis Fakoya, was also accused of sexual harassment by a former medical student, Funke Dezarn. The lady accused him of masterminding her failure at the medical school because she refused to sleep with him. As if waiting for a cue, a number of former students have also started sharing their experiences, all alleging that they either dropped out or got extra years for not sleeping with Fakoya. The recent scandal involving Akindele has received widespread condemnation among Nigerians within the country and across the globe. These scandals, many have averred, were just a few of the many cases of sexual harassment of mostly female students in the hands of university lecturers. Perhaps confirming the claim, an online report pronounced Nigeria’s tertiary institutions as “sex colonies, where rape and other forms of coerced copulation and sexual intimacy are practised without sanction.”

A student of Unilag, who pleaded anonymity said, “It is an act of corruption. She said the lecturers who are meant to be educating the students have digressed into s3xual acts. She added that some of them go the extent of threatening the students after taking advantage of them. However, she said, some students are the cause of their own tragedy. Students have no reason to be in the lecturers’ office, in case of a complaint in results; students should see their course advisor and not the lecturer directly. There is a procedure to address results issues, some students have the mind to boycott procedures, thereby falling prey of such circumstances. Majority of the lecturers fail some particular students intentionally, knowing fully well that the students would approach them for mercy. This is why the procedure that deals with results related issues should not be boycott rather followed strictly.”

Angered by the rising trend and the latest scandal, Prof. Stella Okunna, dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, lamented that it thrives due to the culture of silence that exists in society. “I have always emphasised to my students that, if they can find the courage to tell me about any lecturer pressurising them for sex, they should just leave the rest to me. I will ensure to get to the end of the matter. It is a promise,” she said.

The Vice Chancellor, Eyitope Ogunbodede, has come out to say that the university would investigate the case while the Public Relations Officer of the institution, Mr. Abiodun Olanrewaju, said a committee had been constituted and a query had been given to the professor. He said the committee would turn up their report within a week with a promise to make it public.

Source: Green News

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