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Insights On Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is engaged reportedly. That’s enough for her fans to understand that some serious love has happened in the life of their beloved girl. Rumor has it that the successful blogger, is already engaged, married, and even pregnant. Let’s check out what the truth is and who the happy fiancé could be.

Who’s Linda Ikeji boyfriend now?

For many years, this girl has been on her own. Today, she’s a newsmaker due to the fact that she’s said to be engaged.

The fact is that in March, Linda’s sisters congratulated her on the special event in her life on their Instagram accounts.

Many friends and other celebrities have congratulated Linda on this occasion, and since that time, it has been known for sure that Linda’s heart is taken. According to some other sources which are quite reliable, Linda’s fiancé is nobody else but her own ex-boyfriend!

It’s said that the man has arrived in Nigeria from abroad for the sake of taking a new start with Linda. Their love has given way once but now it seems that the two sweethearts have returned to their relationships and are ready to start right from the point where everything stopped. When the version with Dan was thrown aside, fans invented a new fiancé for Linda and it was Don Jazzy. Don has been around for many years, loving and cherishing Linda but, it seemed, she has never considered him as the Man of Her Dreams.

When her engagement was announced by her sisters, Don even posted a picture where he looks like totally devastated with frustration due to the loss of his one true love. All his friends around him looked like they were comforting him and grieving with him. The guy absolutely certainly has the sense of humor and such a funny and sweet post may mean that in the bottom of his heart he wishes Linda only good.

In the meanwhile, while everybody was chatting about the personality of Linda’s secret crush, her sister Sandra issued a new Instagram post, in which she showed a picture of a young man who’s said to be Linda’s future husband. Sandra calls him “my in-law” and everybody began to think that this is the mysterious guy Linda is getting married to. However, later the truth was discovered. The guy in the picture cannot be Linda’s husband by all means: he’s already her brother-in-law and Sandra’s as well.

Another fiancé, who was attached to Linda by the Nigerians is the Big Sam, another famous blogger Samuel Olatunji. However, this guy has quickly cut the rumor short by publicly declaring that he has never been engaged to Linda Ikeji.

Since that time, when all the suspicions regarding Linda’s engagement and fiancé were broken, it’s still a mystery who she’s going to marry any time soon. Still, the matter becomes even more interesting as more details come up. For instance, Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy.

Linda Ikeji pregnant by her boyfriend

The news about Linda’s pregnancy arrived together with pictures of her baby bump! The moment she revealed the news, she was already six months pregnant.

Reporters took the sensation as hot pies. The secret was simple: Linda explained how she concealed her condition with the help of skinny tight jeans with a high waist and gathering in her belly. Of course, this was not easy but she has managed to do it and surprised everybody.

Now, the was scheming about the babydaddy. Some said it was Don Jazzy because of his never ceasing love for the sweet lady. However, when Linda revealed her pictures with the lovely belly, Don reacted immediately by responding, “It wasn’t me” under her post.

There’s one more incredible suggestion regarding the daddy’s identity: some rare rumor has it that Linda was impregnated by Sholaye Jeremi, an oil magnate. Yet, there’s not even a small confirmation to this idea and the father of Linda’s child is, probably, the mysterious man whom she’s going to marry soon.

Linda Ikeji and her boyfriend got married: can that be?

By the way, regarding the marriage. Linda has never considered marriage an achievement, opposing traditional views. She has declared it in her interviews. Maybe, this is the reason why she has stayed unmarried for such a long time.

In general, she’s not against the marriage as is. She’s against pressing on people and forcing them to marry when they are not willing or not ready for this. It’s probable that she’s going to get married to her loved one simply because she’s in love, not because she knows that every woman should get married as soon as possible. What’s more, she already has her baby, no matter what.

A quick glance at the past of Linda Ikeji boyfriend

When asked by reporters about her private life, Linda used to say that she was in a constant search for the One, the man who would love her and wind her heart by letting her do what she loved to do. As a successful entrepreneur in the media, she needed no money, no provision from the man. She needed only love and support.

One day people saw her with a man. He seemed to be much older than she and looked like a popular and successful celebrity. It was Dan Foster, a Black American radio host living and working in Nigeria. He was exactly the one she has described once as the man she'd like to marry: an older one who is able to accept her as she is.

However, she appeared unable to accept him the way he was with his carefully concealed marriage. Linda was shocked to discover that the guy was married. Later, he gave her another blow by speaking out in an interview. He spoke about how much she used to love him and about his secret dating two other girls simultaneously with Linda. It was a terrible shock for her.

Dan has said, yet, that Linda has always been very lovely, honest and admirable so that he felt kind of guilty and used to ask her why she chose him. Maybe, it was the kind of affection from her side that takes a person’s mind away and doesn’t let think clearly.

Anyway, it’s all long gone and now Linda seems to have a new happy life with her own family. We hope it will not take a long time until the mystery of her loved one will be revealed. 

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