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How to make first impressions

They say that first impressions are very important. How somebody perceives you after meeting you for the first time determines how they relate to you after.

Therefore it’s very important when you’re meeting someone for the first time that you show up looking your best but not going overboard or doing too much.

Meeting a lady on a date for the first time after weeks of phone or social media conversations can be as important as going for a job interview. How you show up forms a high percentage of the whole meetup and will determine if you’ll get that all-important second date.

1. Look Neat And Clean

It’s a date and you’ll be very up close and personal with the lady, therefore you must make sure you smell good and look good. Before going on the date, shave all excess hair from your face and make sure your hair is in good shape.

Your clothes for the date must be neatly ironed. Don’t show up with crumpled clothes in the name of a power outage or another excuse, it just tells the woman that you did not plan ahead of time and you didn’t put in extra effort for the meetup.

No matter how much you’ve showered throughout the day, if it’s been some hours since your last one, please hit the shower and wash down, then use your deodorant or body spray. It’ll help you to look fresh and smell good.

2. Don’t “Over Perfume” Yourself

There are times when men think they must smell very good and therefore pour half the content of their colognes on themselves. This is a bad move. You must smell good, yes, but don’t end up smelling like you fell in a pool of cologne. Too much scent disturbs some people and you don’t want to find out at the later time that your partner is allergic to strong scents.

If you want to smell good, use your cologne right after you come out of the bathroom since your pores will be opened by then. The inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind the ear lobes, behind the knees, and inner elbows are perfect spots to mildly spray your cologne or perfume. The key word here is MILDLY.

3. Dress To Fit The Occasion

The fact that you need to look good on your first date doesn’t mean put on a suit for a date at the beach. You’ll look good but it’ll be so inappropriate for the occasion.

Before going out on a date, choose clothes that suit the occasion. If it’s a casual date like going to the movies, having coffee or ice cream, a nice looking Jeans trousers plus a decent T’Shirt or Polo shirt will do. You can also do a neat pair of dress pants with a short sleeve shirt.

If it’s more formal, dress pants accompanied by either a long or short sleeve shirt will do. If you’re comfortable enough, you can throw in a vest. A date at the beach or poolside will require a pair of shorts or jeans, plus a T’Shirt or polo shirt.

All these should be matched with the right footwear.

Avoid dressing like a child with chains and hoodies. You want to prove your manliness to your date so she sees you as a man, not a boy.

4. Dress In What You’re Comfortable In And What Is Typical Of You

This tip is quite important in the sense that a lot of people take it out of context. You wear hoodies every day, you’re comfortable in them but they are not appropriate for a date. Dressing comfortably simply means wearing something appropriate but yet still comfortable. The whole idea of a date is to get to know your partner on a much personal level, therefore, distractions to adjust clothing aren’t needed.

Going on a first date and wanting to impress doesn’t mean buying that latest fashion outfit or sneaker that you haven’t tried before. Don’t wear a suit if you’re not a suit person and don’t put on a tie if you’re not a shirt and tie person. Be yourself but appropriately.

Wearing something comfortable and typical of you will also ensure that your date doesn’t perceive you wrongly and start expecting you to look a certain way when you start dating.

5. Be On Time

Whether you’re picking her or meeting her at a spot, make sure you’re there on time. The worse thing you can do is to show up late leaving your date waiting, for a gentleman, this is a no-no.

Get to your venue at least 10-15mins before time. Let her come to meet you there not the other way round. Apart from this showing her that you’re quite serious about your meetup, it also gives you the opportunity to relax and feel comfortable before the real date begins.

If you’re picking her from home, get there 10-15 mins before the scheduled pickup time. She’ll feel important and also feel flattered that you took pains to leave early enough to pick her up.

Your GMT should mean Greenwich Meridian Time, not Ghana Man Time. You want to impress her not make her feel that you’re one unserious person who keeps her date waiting.

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