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Rapper Lil Xan came out the closet as gay; Jaden smith rumored as His partner...

Rapper Lil Xan came out the closet as gay, and social media reports say his boyfriend is Jaden Smith. The rapper came out publicly to his fans on social media yesterday – and word quickly spread.

The rapper first posted a video on Instagram, showing Lil Xan “coming out” of a closet. And once out, Xan started doing dance moves that suggested he was gay.

Almost immediately, his fans took to social media and started asking the rapper if he is indeed gay. Lil Xan responded in the affirmative. This is what he posted

Almost immediately, his fans began praising the teen rapper’s decision to come out about his sexuality. Here are some of the positive fan responses.

Then rumors began to spread on social media that he is “dating” celebrity socialite Jaden Smith. According to multiple people on Twitter, Xan and Jaden have been spotted sneaking around Hollywood together.

Neither Jaden Smith of Lil Xan have spoken out publicly, about the relationship rumors

Lil Xan was born on September 6, 1996 in Redlands, California to Mexican parents. Growing up, he was poor and lived in motels most of his childhood.

He attended Redlands East Valley High School, but dropped out of high school in his freshman year, and spent several years at home unemployed. Xan took a job as a street cleaner and sold drugs before he began rapping. He later pursued a photography career in support of several friends who were rappers. He eventually had his camera stolen, and chose to begin rapping in lieu of investing in a new camera.

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