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The Side of Garlic you do not know!!!

Highly valued in the world of culinary successes, garlic has some sides to it that is just amazing.

The first thing you need to know is, even though is used as a flavouring ingredient, it is not a spice following that spice specifically takes a dried form. One could, however, call it a vegetable seeing its similarity to onions or shallot, although it does belong to a category all its own.

More so, do not break the head of garlic. A whole garlic bulb will keep fresh from two weeks to two months, depending on its age and variety. However, the shelf life of garlic is reduced to just a few days once you break the head.

Some of the abilities  include:

Stretch mark removal

This is almost a universal thing seeing how common it is, which requires effort to get rid of. High in antioxidant, garlic helps get rid of stretch marks. To do this, while having a hot oil massage, add garlic.

Skin anti-ageing

We definitely will grow old, it cannot be helped. However, wrinkles can be reduced to a certain degree. Garlic present with antioxidant controls free radical build up, which aids in keeping your face firm and young.

Chase mosquitoes away

How annoying this pest is, eludes words. A study in India showed that garlic does happen to be a turn off for mosquitoes. Let garlic be part of your homemade skin rub.

Natural glue

Your fingers do get sticky when you chop garlic right? That is as a result of the natural adhesive quality in garlic. It has been known to fix hairline cracks in glasses; you can also find out for yourself what other stuffs it could fix.

Grey hair control

We really cannot do much, but some things can be slowed. Lessen the number of grey hair strands with an addition of garlic to your hair oil.

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