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Addiction that kills relationships!!

Addiction refers to being dependent on something that has negative effects on an individual. Most couples are experiencing a crisis that comes from various types of addiction. They not only threaten a healthy relationship but also parent-children relationships. Below are types of addictions that jeopardise most marriages:

1. Alcohol

This is a liquid substance that is brewed or distilled and it’s widely used around the globe. It is very addictive and causes family and health problems to the user. Alcoholism emanates from marital stresses and other external factors. Alcoholism leads to mismanagement of funds, job loss hence sabotaging of relationships.

2. Pornography

This refers to erotic pictures or films that is displayed in a variety of media. It starts and develops into a habit that has adverse consequences to the viewer and those close to him/her. This habit has ruined strong relationship bonds due to dependency that brings emotional disengagement and extramarital affairs.

3. Gambling

This is an insidious practice that has hit most couples leading to financial ruin. Gambling happens in casinos, slot machines, online betting, lotteries among others. Desperation for cash is a key factor that leads to a repetitive cycle of winning a bet. These risks don’t always pay off. Persistent losses lead to anxiety and depression that detaches someone from their spouse.

4. Smartphone and internet

This is a tendency where individuals overuse their mobile phones even in times when it is not necessary to do so. Smartphones avail news, entertainment and access to the internet easily with just a tap on the screen. Some people prioritise smartphone use over connecting with their families. This overuse hinders ample family time and effective communication is strained. Quality time is vital for the family. You should fight back any kind of addiction that threaten your family life by all means.

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