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How to grow taller naturally

Are you tired of using stools, tables, or ladders when you try to fix bulbs or reach the kitchen cabinets? Your genetics primarily determines your height. DNA passed down by your parents contributes to about 60- 80% of your height. The remaining 20-40% depends on the environment, specifically nutrition, exercise, and the amount of sleep you get. By now you are probably thinking, how can I grow taller given the factors above? Below are some tips on how to grow taller.

Increase in height is a process that takes place until your growth plates close. Growth plates also known as epiphyseal plates are the areas where your bones grow. As you increase in height, the plates increase. Typically, growth plates close between the ages of 18-25 after which the epiphyseal plates seal themselves. It is essential to eat properly during your growth years to ensure you reach your potential. Even though eating well does not guarantee increased height, taking a balanced diet with proteins, fats and carbohydrates increase the chances of achieving your genetically predetermined height.

How to grow taller naturally:

It is vital to establish a growing taller routine while still in your growth ages. The various ways to increase your height naturally including eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercise. Here are how to grow taller natural remedies.

1. Grow taller diet

A balanced diet is essential when you want to add a few inches. A diet rich in healthy proteins, fats, vitamins, and carbohydrates goes a long way in ensuring maximum growth in health. Foods such as cakes and sodas are not the best when trying to grow. Avoid processed foods and eat wholemeal carbohydrates and lean protein such as poultry, fish, eggs, and beans in plenty. Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, and zinc are essential for bone growth. Sunlight and vegetables such as spinach should, therefore, be your friends. It is also important to incorporate dairy products into your diet as they contain calcium which is vital for bone growth.

2. Grow taller exercise

Exercise is critical in ensuring healthy growth. There is no specific exercise for growing taller but stretching and jumping as well as other sprint exercises help lengthen your spine. Get sporty today; join a basketball team or even skip rope to ensure you become healthy and add a few inches. Swimming, toe touches, and bridge stretches are excellent ways of stretching. There is no scientific evidence of exercise inducing growth beyond your genetically predisposed height. However, exercise helps in improving posture and ensuring you reach your height potential.

3. Sleep

The hormone that induces growth in height is produced in your sleep. It is, therefore, vital to sleep for 8-10 hours to rejuvenate your cells and produce the growth hormone. Sleep, however, does not help you grow beyond your genetically predisposed height. Scientific research shows that sleep deprivation can lead to stunted growth.

Growing taller is not an instant process. It takes time and dedication. Another hindrance is your genetic makeup in terms of height. Growing tall is not possible for all people. However, there are several ways to appear taller. These include improving your posture, wearing the right clothes, wearing heels and insoles/raisers. Standing up straight and avoiding leaning the head or neck are essential in appearing taller.

For cases of inexplicable shortness, hormonal treatments are available. To qualify for such treatments, you must be in the bottom 3rd percentile of your age, but genetic predictors show otherwise. Doctors will conduct tests to establish whether or not it is your body that is failing to produce enough hormones. If so, hormonal growth treatments are administered to remedy the issue. Hormonal treatments are not for people whose bodies actually produce enough hormones. Interfering with the endocrine system could be dangerous especially when it is working perfectly.

You can use the how to grow taller tips above to stimulate your growth. But remember, shortness does not make you any less significant than you are. Height is not everything, and the secret to feeling good about yourself lies in your self-image. Excuse confidence, keep your head up and conquer the world.

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