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I one have N75,000 remaining from the N25mm cash prize I won: EFE

Former winner of Big Brother Naija (BBN), Efe, shocked many people, especially his fans with a revelation that he had N75,000 only left of the N25 million cash prize he got from the reality show last year.

Efe said he was amazed Nigerians were worried about how much he had left in his account from the cash prize, adding that he had been working round the clock investing his money in music and other businesses that would secure his future better.

Efe had emerged winner at the grand finale of the show last year and carted away 25 million naira and a SUV. The expectations from him had been high with many people hoping that he could use the money to put his music career on the map and rock the big stage across the country.

Efe, in the last two years, has managed to put out a few singles but the singer has not lived up to his hype. While other contestants on the show last year have managed to raise their game and put their individual career on the road, Efe, seemed to have been overwhelmed by the expectations and many people believe he’s struggling.

Reacting to the outcry trailing his career, the Warri-born music star said he was only concentrating on his mission to build his career and make every moment count.

He insisted that he wanted to stay focused on music and leave the fans to judge him with the level of work he has done. “Focusing on music is the main thing for me. I am grateful to have come this far but the plan is to keep getting better and working hard,” he said.

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