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I am not a celebrity: Simi

A lot of people want to be famous, or to just be respected in society. And, trust me, it’s important. Apart from the fact that it comes with benefits, it almost always feels nice. What people forget to put into consideration is the kind of societal pressure that comes with fame or being a celebrity.

When I started making music, I just wanted to sing and put out great music. But, slowly, life started showing me it had other plans I wasn’t prepared for. People were seeing more of me on TV, at events, on social media, and everyone gradually had an opinion.

People said I didn’t act like a celebrity: my style sense was poor, some people said I talked too much, and people suddenly cared who I dated or didn’t date. For me, it was all happening so fast.

I can’t speak for other artistes, but I think this is a common pattern for any fast-rising star. Everything happens very fast.

Unfortunately, I’m not one to care a lot about what people think about me. I was not going to change who I am to fit a celebrity status. Honestly, I’m a very stubborn person.

I was comfortable in my ideas, my music and my art in general, and that was okay. That was all that mattered to me: to continue making music that could matter to people, so I stuck with it.

Simi now isn’t different from Simi 6 years ago. Only thing that has changed is my growth process. I have built and I’m still building my art. My circle is still small, and my views and goals haven’t changed. I’d still wear joggers and sneakers over dresses and heels any day.

Because the only way to stay level-headed in the Nigerian music industry is to pay less attention to superficial stuff.

The word ‘celebrity’ gets into your head very easily if you let it. You become so focused on pleasing people that you have no private life, and you abandon your art and forget it’s what made you a celebrity in the first place. You start to lose your touch and now you need to keep up with trends and try to make music according to that. It’s a lot to take on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the love I get from people. It gets increasingly overwhelming by the day. There are still days I have to wear heels and dresses for events, times I wonder whether or not I’m on the right path, and so on. But, I still don’t consider myself a celebrity.

I’m just a girl who had a dream and is finally starting to live that dream. God gave me a gift, and my job is to make sure that gift is heard all over the world.

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