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How to be a Gentleman!!!

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Being a gentleman comes into play when you incorporate such traits into how you handle the world around you, extending your sensibilities beyond yourself and becoming a man not just of strength, but of respect, grace, compassion, and understanding.

A man understands that life sometimes involves hard work and suffering: mental, emotional, physical, professional, and social, and that whining or avoiding it are to be looked down upon.

A gentleman learns how to bear up under the demands life places on him with grace and style, and to extend that competent handling of the world to the good times.

1. Intelligence
A gentleman is always seeking knowledge, not only for himself but for the betterment of those around him. They will always struggle to find better means of living harmoniously with other people, now that is a high degree of humanity.

2. Strength

Both strength of mind and body. A gentleman is strong in his mind, which includes patience, commitment, being respectful, and communication, and strong in body, which is personal health and fitness. Losing hope is a vocabulary that doesn’t exist in their lives, they believe in hard work and perseverance and that defines a real man.

3. Character

A gentleman should have high moral character. He should be generous, understanding, empathetic, respectful, and genuine.

You don’t cross their line, then everything is just awesome and you will make the best friends ever. They believe that a hand that gives is always blessed, in that spirit they will always support where they can no matter how hard it may seem.

4. Style

While style isn’t the main focus, a gentleman dresses well in every situation. It portrays and instills confidence, as well as attractive to those he meets.

Many relate them with the famous ‘chaget’, I mean almost everyone in this side of the Sahara owns one and it has proved to work in the best way.

You invite them for a party or something, be assured they will not let you down.

It costs no cent for one to be a gentleman, try to take after their steps and have it nice for the rest of your life.

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