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President Muhammadu Buhari during the presentation of 2019 Budget

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday said that he would provide adequate security to make sure the 2019 general elections are free and fair across the country.

President Buhari further assured Nigerians that he would not change but remain consistent and steadfast in providing good governance to the nation.

President Buhari stated this while addressing party supporters at the Aper Aku stadium, Makurdi, in continuation of his presidential campaign rally in Benue State.

President Buhari explained that when he came to Benue State in 2015 to canvas for votes, he promised to tackle three key areas which include economy, security and fight against corruption.

He maintained that his administration had been able to stop importation of foreign food, particularly rice and encouraged the farmers by making fertilizers available, thereby promoting large scale farming across rural areas in the country.

“You will recall, when I came to canvas for your votes in 2015, l promised three things; to improve economy, security and fighting corruption. I have been able to stop importation of foreign foods.

“Although fighting corruption has remained a major challenge of this government, I will not change but be consistent and steadfast. All recovered looted funds will be used to improve infrastructure, build roads, construct rail lines and improve power.”

On his part, the leader of the APC in Benue State, Senator George Akume, described the PDP led government in the state as a failed one that had refused to improve on the welfare of Benue people.

According to him, President Buhari had taken a bold step to rescue Nigeria from the hands of corrupt leaders who had completely milked the nation’s resources.

“Money meant for fighting Boko Haram was shared mercilessly by these corrupt leaders.

“Today, many of these people are running away from the money kept in the banks. Buhari does not love money; he was a governor in two states, a former head of state and a minister of petroleum resources, yet he had no oil well.

“ Today, there is one governor in the north central Nigeria who is richer than Buhari and has more money than Buhari in just three and half years of being a governor,” Akume stated.

He explained that Benue people have no problems with Fulani herdsmen, saying that he was a governor for eight years and no farmer had problem with any herder.

In continuation of his campaign in Lafia, Nasarawa State, Buhari said when he came in 2015, he discovered that Boko Haram was using young girls of 15 years to kill people. He said the Islamic sect was planting bombs on the girls and sent them to churches, mosques, markets and any crowded area to detonate the bombs which killed a lot of people.

He said his government had been able to tackle security in fulfillment of his promise when he became president.

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