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King of Pop: MICHAEL Jackson

MICHAEL Jackson was buried in a gold coffin in a concrete block by his family to ensure he would rest undisturbed. The King of Pop died ten years ago today, but tributes to the singer have been ditched following child abuse claims.

The Jackson family buried Michael in a gold coffin encased in concrete

The family feared Jackson's grave would be robbed by thieves or crazed fans

Following his death, the grieving Jackson family feared his body would be dug up or damaged, so they went to great lengths to preserve him.

The singer was dressed in full stage costume, including a wig and full face of make up, and even his iconic white gloves.

Jackson's brother Marlon, 52, said at the time: “This will be Michael’s final curtain call – the last show. His shell will be gone but his spirit lives on.” But the family were concerned about thieves who would attempt to loot the grave.


His body was buried in a gold coffin set in concrete which cost a whopping £18,000. Notes saying "Daddy we love you, we miss you" written by Jackson's children were placed on the coffin before it was buried. CCTV cameras were installed and linked with sensors which activate an alarm to warn security guards of any intruders.

He is buried in Holly Terrace Grand Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park, just outside Hollywood, North Los Angeles. Others stars buried at the site include Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable. The cemetery is closed to the public and is surrounded by high walls, and visitors have to show their ID. Jackson's reputation has been damaged in the last year as fresh allegations of child sexual abuse came to light in the documentary: Leaving Neverland. Wade Robson and James Safechuck took part in the documentary, describing relentless abuse claims against the singer.

It's been ten years since the King of Pop's death.

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