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Details on TIV origin

According to oral tradition of Tiv origin, those people came to their current location (Benue River in Nigeria) from the southeast. Official history recorded that the Tiv tribe had the first contact with Europeans in November 1907. It was the contact with Southern Nigeria Regiment led by Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Trenchard.

The tribe has a story of their first ancestor, a man known as Takuruku, Gbe, Shon, Awanje, and Karagbe. Tiv people believe that he is their founding father. The ancestor gave birth to two children Ipusu and Ichongoa. Ichongo gave birth to Ikyura, Gondo, Nongo, Mase, Ihar, and Turan, while Ipusu gave birth to Kum, Kpar, Shitire

The Tiv People of Benue State have one of the best cultural beliefs in the World. They regard strangers as gods, and in some cases, protect their visitors with their lives. The Tiv's kindness to strangers is Lengendary, but unfortunately, this kindness was seen as weakness and taken for granted The "Gbango" yam of the Tivs is their pride. The gbango yam is the sweetest yam specie anywhere in the world. The yam has high glucose and fiber content.

The primary occupation of the Tiv People is farming and their strengths are a mystery. A Tiv man will cultivate 100hectares of farmland with the help of his famiy, using primitive farm tools. That's why in the olden days, a Tiv Man will marry up to 6wives, in order to produce children that will help him in the farms. A Tiv Man loves his wives and children, and also protect them with his life...because his life and wealth lies in them. Gbango yams gained lot of popularity and there became influx of traders into the Tiv buy and transport the yams to other places in Nigeria.

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